Bamp A springy seat – active seating for good health
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Bamp A springy seat – active seating for good health


Other furnitures - BAMP

BAMP is a special kind of springy seating, designed by Kamila Wolska, that has been patented and tested for physiotherapeutic effects. In your home, office, hotel or school it can be used as an original and attractive piece of furniture with a positive impact on your health and can be an alternative to an exercise ball.

Seating on BAMP:

  • makes you take an upright and comfortable position
  • reduces load on the spine discs
  • strengthens back muscles responsible for spine stabilization
  • decompresses a painful spine in the lumbar section
  • is a great balance exercise
  • is an opportunity to do some rotational and bending exercises or exercises for pregnant women
  • helps people whose back is overloaded by sedentary lifestyle
  • is good fun

BAMP is particularly recommended for people with sedentary lifestyles: office workers, drivers and students. It is also a great piece of furniture for people suffering from back pains and for mothers-to-be.

Design is protected.

Product conform with norms:
PN-EN 12520-2016_02
PN-EN 16139-2013_07

width:fi 40
height:48 cm
material:wood, plywood, veneer, felt
choose a color:
see available finishes
Zdjęcie produktu
Zdjęcie produktu
Bamp A springy seat – active seating for good health
Zdjęcie produktu
Zdjęcie produktu