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If we want to enjoy full benefits of dynamic seating, do we have to buy an exercise ball? The BAMP seat allows you to look after your overstretched back and relax.

BAMP, designed by Kamila Wolska, impresses with the simplicity of its structure. Although it is made of wood only it can spring back. A flexible seat makes us take an upright position which is perfect for our spine. In the living room, office or public space it is a good idea to have this very attractive piece of furniture which has a positive impact on our health and well-being.

Who is BAMP perfect for? Especially for those who have sedentary lifestyle and should take care of their overstretched back. By sitting on BAMP you can strengthen your body posture muscles and do some rotary and flexion spine exercises. With BAMP you can practise keeping balance and decompressing your lumbar spine. Future mothers can use BAMP during exercises before childbirth, others – just have fun while rocking on this seat.

BAMP mechanism was submitted by Swarzędz Home for registration as an invention and tested for health and rehab purposes.