Dr hab. Jacek Mikołajczak

He is a fulfilled Polish furniture designer and an academic teacher at University of Arts in Poznan. For those who know him he is most of all a beautiful, open-minded and modest man.

His portfolio of furniture that where implemented into production consists of over 100 designs. He has been designing for 35 years, but he often comes up with innovative ideas. He used to work for Swarzedz Furniture factory. In the 90’s he created original and best-selling sets of furniture such as Sara, and Aron. He knows perfectly all the features and limits of wood and other natural resources. He can bring all the most beautiful forms out of them. He combines his experience with the skills of carpenters, upholsterers and design engineers he cooperates with. His designs deserve to be named contemporary classic. They are unique and well-thought-out in respect of aesthetics, functionality, construction and used materials. They are masterfully designed with great reverence and respect for traditional techniques of furniture craft.