Dear Customers!

We want to congratulate you on the purchase of your new furniture and we wish you many years of satisfying use. We cherish traditional craft production of the furniture but we combine it with modern technology.

Therefore the furniture you bought has the highest standard of quality and meet global requirements of ergonomics and safety.
For production we use carefully selected materials and components that come from reliable sources and from well-known European suppliers. Our furniture is made mostly of natural materials: wood, veneer, leather and stone. These materials are characterized by individuality and uniqueness. Their natural features can cause some differences in the structure and colour of individual elements of the furniture and between different pieces. These unique features of each piece of furniture reflect its natural beauty and timeless value.



For the proper functioning and extending the life of your furniture, the following instructions for use should be observed:

1. Furniture should be used in accordance with its construction and its intended purpose.

2. Furniture should be set up on the levelled surface. In case of furniture that are used to sit and lie on, to keep its stability, the legs should always touch the surface. The furniture should not be used for swinging or leaning out. Furniture should not be burdened by
sitting or standing (cabinets, chest of drawers, dressing tables) or jumping or standing (tables, furniture used for sitting and lying).

3. Furniture should not be situated close (less than 1m) to active sources of heat such as radiators, cookers and stoves.

4. Furniture should be used indoors and protected against negative impact of weather conditions. It is recommended to provide the following conditions:

a. air temperature range from 10 to 30ºC

b. relative humidity range from 40 to 70% (too dry air can lead to deformation of solid wooden elements, it should be avoided to set up furniture on the wet surface: wet floors, rugs – wood used in furniture may absorb water.

5. Furniture should not be exposed to direct sunlight (it may change the colour of wood, fabrics and leather, varnish coats may be damaged).

6. Furniture should be protected against mechanical damage. Sharp objects of hard and coarse surface, hard seams or rivets on trousers, pets’ claws etc. may permanently damage the furniture surface.

7. Assembly of the furniture, number of elements and accessories are described in detail in the assembly instructions for each type of the furniture. It should be checked in the instructions if the particular piece of furniture should be fixed to the wall to keep its stability.

8. Heavy and burdened furniture on legs should not be moved directly on the surface (e.g. body and cabinet furniture, beds, sofas) – it may lead to the leg damage or scratched flooring. If there is a need to move the furniture, it should be emptied first and then moved carefully.

9. In case of extendable tables and TV tables, the colour of the covered part may change during use due to the impact of UV radiation.

10. Bolts and screws in furniture connections should be tightened periodically.

11. Beware of sharp edges of the furniture. Therefore it is highly recommended to use it with caution.

12. Furniture consists of glass elements – mirrors, glass should be used carefully – it should not be hit against or burdened excessively.

13. In case of the furniture not described in this card of materials or any doubts when it comes to the assembly or maintenance of the purchased furniture, a customer is to be provided with additional instructions by a shop assistant or to contact our advisers at:


a. For wooden surfaces we use finishing materials of the highest quality which partly protect the surface against water and alcohol. In case of liquid spill it is recommended to remove it immediately from the furniture surface. Not doing so may lead to permanent
stains on the furniture surface. Varnish materials used by our company protect furniture against heat damage only to a certain extent- leaving a glass of hot drink will not leave any stains only if the glass and the furniture surface are dry. In other cases it is recommended to use coasters.

b. Surfaces of the furniture made of solid wood and natural veneers should be cleaned with a clean and dry cloth. With dirt impossible to be removed this way, one should use a soft cloth slightly soaked with water and some delicate detergent such as soap or washing liquid and then remove moisture from the surface with a dry absorbent cloth.

c. It is not recommended to use detergents containing abrasive components or solvents. It is not recommended to use chemicals for furniture maintenance, especially those that contain silicones and silicone derivatives due to their negative impact on the condition
and durability of varnish covers.


a. Upholstered furniture should be protected against excessive dust accumulation on the fabric. For this purpose upholstered surfaces should be vacuumed regularly with a soft brush or dusted with a hand brush for clothes.

b. Furniture upholstered with leather-like fabrics should be dusted with a soft dry cloth.

c. In case of stains on the fabric, they can be removed with a cloth slightly soaked with warm water and delicate detergents and then dried at room temperature.

d. If there are some stubborn stains on the upholstery material, then they should be removed by a professional upholstery cleaner.

e. Furniture upholstered with modern Aqua Clean fabrics can be cleaned with a sponge and water. After cleaning, excess water should be removed with a clean absorbent cloth. For old or stubborn stains some delicate detergents can be used. Detailed instructions to be found at the producer’s website: www.aquaclean.com


a. Leather is a natural material that may look different after some time. Surface irregularities, scars, scuffs and small colour differences are typical features for grain leather.

b. Such features as lack of regularity, ductility (on 1m2 leather can stretch by 1-2 cm, 5-8 of leather sheets are used to make one set of upholstered furniture) differences in colour, texture and shine are natural and typical and provide proof of their authenticity

c. It is forbidden to use bleachers, solvents, turpentine or shoe polish to clean and maintain leather furniture. If there is some minor leather discolouration, such stain should not be removed, it will merge into leather in time.

d. Leather should be cleaned regularly with a woollen or cotton cloth and protected against excessive dust accumulation.

e. For general cleaning it is recommended to use proper professional products for leather furniture. Before applying any leather preservatives it is recommended to try it on a hidden part of the furniture.

f. In case of lack of a professional product, it is possible to use a cloth slightly soaked with warm water.


a. For drying upholstered furniture it is not recommended to use driers or to leave the furniture outside and expose it to the sunlight.

b. In case of upholstered furniture, gradual stretching and folding of the material (both leather and fabric) may appear. This is a natural process.

c. Materials that can transfer colour e.g. jeans may stain light materials, including natural leather and leather-like materials.

d. Visible wooden parts of upholstered furniture are recommended to be maintained in accordance with instructions listed above in p. A.I.



1. This document is a warranty statement in the meaning of art. 577§1of the Civil Code (Dz. U. z 2014 r. poz. 121) and only concerns the product sales to consumers.

2. The warranty covers all the products bought and used in Poland.

3. The warranty is valid after showing the proof of purchase only if the warranty was signed by the Buyer and if its conditions were previously accept.

4. Guarantor guarantees good quality and proper functioning of the produced furniture, under the conditions listed above in this document.

5. The products are covered with a 24-month warranty from the date of purchase, confirmed by a valid proof of purchase.

6. Guarantor’s responsibility concerns all the physical defects of the product sold.

7. The warranty DOES NOT cover:

a. Damage that may occur as a result of incautious transport, transfer or assembly of the furniture, and also damage as a result of some random events that occurred after the purchase .

b. Damage that may occur as a result of improper use and not following the instructions of use, storage and maintenance or improper assembly.

c. Damage that may occur as a result of furniture repairs or modifications made by the Buyer or third parties acting by the order of the Buyer.

d. Bulbs and fluorescent lamps in lighting equipment.

e. Defects resulting from improper assembly and setting of the products and their improper use or the use contrary to their purpose.

f. Damage that may occur as a result of force majeure, especially fire or flood.

8. Claims concerning defects covered by the warranty should be reported by the Buyer to the producer (Guarantor) or at a sales point (Seller) where the products were purchased.

9. Claims will be considered within 30 days from the date of receiving the complaint form.

10. Rules for complaints:

a. If the defect which is the subject of the complaint can be removed, then the compensation will be completed by warranty repair that restores usable and aesthetic value of the product,

b. If the defect of the furniture cannot be removed or the removal would entail a reduction in value of the furniture then the compensation can be completed by exchanging the product for the one free of defects.

c. If the Buyer makes the repair impossible then it is considered a resignation from all the rights resulting from this Warranty Document.

11. The terms of this warranty do not exclude, limit or suspend the Consumer’s rights resulting from the warranty law for the defects of sold goods provided in the Civil Code (Dz. U. Nr 141, poz. 1176).

Guarantor of goods: Swarzędz Home Sp. z o.o. based in Poznań, ul. Wszystkich Świętych 4A, 61-843 Poznań, entered into the register of entrepreneurs by the District Court for Poznań-Nowe Miasto and Wilda in Poznan, VIII Dep KRS 0000494188, NIP 777 323 59 67.